Van Loggerenberg Geronimo Cinsaut 2022

Van Loggerenberg Geronimo Cinsaut 2022

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Label Story

When Lukas was a youngster growing up in Rawsonville he would hike up the mountain with a few friends to a swimming spot that they discovered, to reach this pool, they had to jump off a 5m cliff. Whilst taking turns to jump, hesitation would creep in and taking that leap seemed impossible. With all the friends cheering him on and reminding him that he can do it, he would take a deep breath and jump. Those few seconds in the air were indescribable! Shouting GERONIMO! at the top of his lungs. This wine reminds us of that leap Lukas took starting this big venture, with friends cheering and helping them, and making them realise that they can do it. This is referenced by the leaping boy in the top left hand corner. The label also shows a piece of our South African heritage in the form of the postage stamp depicting the South African national fish, the Galjoen.


100% Cinsaut
W.O Stellenbosch
Soil: Decomposed granite, clay-rich granite