Goedverwacht Bad Brothers Rose

Goedverwacht Bad Brothers Rose 2021

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TASTING NOTES: Vibrant, salmon coloured wine with prominent red berry flavours on the nose. A velvet palate showing subtle hints of cherries, ending with a lingering finish. Ideal with salads and seafood


Vintage 2021

Variety Shiraz Rose

Category Bad Brothers

Origin Robertson Valley, Western Cape, South Africa


Alcohol 11.5 vol%

Sugar 6.2 g/l

Ph 3.45

Acidity 6.1 g/l

V/A 0.39


VINEYARD: An 18 year old Shiraz vineyard on slight southern slope on very high potential red Karoo soil with layers of clay and lime. Rootstock Richter 110, clone SH 1A.

CLIMATE: A warm and dry season, with high temperatures in January. The grapes achieved ripeness quite easily. Overall, the dry weather ensured healthy grapes and wines with pronounced fruit and easy drinkability.

HARVEST: The development of the grapes were meticulously monitored, and picked at the optimum ripeness during the last week of February. The grapes were night-harvested by machine. Production of 9000 litres per hectare.

WINEMAKING: Grapes were harvested at 21 Balling at night. Only freerun juice was used for vinification. Fermentation was conducted with Vin 13 yeast at 14 degrees. After fermentation, the wine was left on the lees with little SO2 for about 2 months, after which the wine was blended, stabilized, filtered and bottled