Amari Indian Ocean Gin 750m

Amari Indian Ocean Gin 750ml

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A Mari Indian Ocean Gin draws its flavour from the East Coast of Africa. Inspired by the warm Indian Ocean and distilled with fragrant East African botanicals. ​Fragrant and gently spiced, this gin features Swahili Lime and Madagascan Pink Peppercorns. After distillation it is infused with Chai Masala which gives it its distinctive golden colour.​  A beautiful nose  rich and  fragrant, gentle spice met  with complex palate, Swahili lime and sweet ginger finished off with a long and mellow slight hint of tea.​​

Botanicals: ​Juniper, Coriander, Swahili lime, Lemon, Swahili lime leaves, Ajwain seed, Madagascan pink peppercorns, Turmeric, Cardamom, Angelica. 

Awards: IWSC Silver Outstanding 2018; Michelangelo Gold 2018; SA Craft Gin Awards Double Gold 2019; Michelangelo Gold 2020; SA Craft Gin Awards Gold 2020; African Excellence Awards, Most innovative Gin brand 2020